Hostel – Happiness or Hardships?

hostel 4Lucky are those who do not have to leave their homes for a better future! Life away from home can be fun but also difficult at the same time. You miss your family but hostels make you independent and self-reliant. However, living in a hostel is an experience of a lifetime, wherein you take back with memories, lessons and best friends forever.

Hostel – Living It Large!

hostel 2

Let us talk about the good side first. Staying in a hostel make you learn many things that you can never learn otherwise.  You meet different people and learn to adjust accordingly. You may take some time to become friends with your hostel mates but once you get along, you can spend the most lovely and memorable time of your life with them. Combined studies, late night gossips and birthday surprises add charm to the hostel life. The most desired thing you get when you stay in a hostel is independence. You can make your own choices and decisions.

Hostel – Challenges Every Way!

hostel 1

But there is a bad side as well. The most definite thing that you miss is “food”.  Nothing can taste better than the food that is cooked for you by your mother. There are bad days when you feel alone and homesick. Also you do not have your family to care for you when you are not in a good health. Hostels can never give you homelike comforts. You do not have your parents with you to wake you up in the morning with a cup of tea. Money is another thing that you always think about if you are not staying with your family. Saving for a pair of shoes can be a challenge!

You will love the hostel life if you love freedom and independence but it can be difficult otherwise. Whatever it may, you take along with your experiences that make your life a little better.

By: Pragya Seth


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