Do You Feel Emotionally Heavy? Let It All Go!

letit goAt times life gets you and at times you don’t get life. That’s a process. This is something each one of us feels. Why is it so difficult to understand life? Why every day we keep on changing our look out towards life? Why every experience of life makes changes in our behaviour? Do you feel emotionally heavy?

Once an angry and aggressive person is now a more understanding pal, why does it happen?

What makes these changes in life?

Time, age, experiences or something else?

When I tried to find the answer, I was amazed at the reasons.

We change with all extreme feelings we face. Yes, the traumas, the damages, the emotional exhaustions, the pains and the betrayals.

It is strange as how such negative feelings can make you a man with the real courage and a positive reflection of yours.

The most damaged branch can hold the most weight of life. It is the real secret of life and the meaning of our existence.

What if there wouldn’t be any dark, no storms and no chilling nights? Some feel it would have been great but in actual, there is no existence of light, pleasant weather and sunny days in the absence of the former.

What you are today is just result of the years.

I understand the times come when you don’t feel to go out and don’t have the courage to gather the pieces of your broken self. It’s okay to feel in that way. This will work for your growth. Unknowingly, you every day work on yourself.

We never realize these tiny changes in our lives every second and one fine day we start contemplating that how have we changed with time and experiences.

These two are pretty visible reasons for the changes but what actually works on the ground are these negative turbulences of lives.

So whenever you feel emotionally heavy, don’t panic. Just let it go.

Let it all go.

Which you assume the biggest problem of your life can no longer be the one after few days, months and years.

So much of energy has been wasted on the issues which actually seems big for now can be a passing phase of life. Don’t stretch them.

Take a deep breath and let go. Yes, please let it all go. You still don’t know how these things serving you to becoming the best version of yours.

Negatives can have the best photographs of life. Just develop them wisely.

By: Sudha Ram Joshi





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