Experiencing Bespoke Rajasthan

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India is a diverse country. Every corner of India is brimming with rich vibrancy, unique culture and colourful heritage. While visiting any part of India, a tourist wishes to soak in all the colours comprising it. However, experiencing this diversity is not possible in one go. But if you wish to trot a place, that encompasses vibrant diversity and rich culture of India, then make your way towards Rajasthan. The princely state, Rajasthan has been the tourist hub of India for decades. Be it its regal architecture, breath-taking hues, vivid culture or delectable cuisine, Rajasthan is an unforgettable state, where you can spend a memorable vacation.

Heritage of Rajasthan:


Rajasthan is one of the few places in India that have still preserved its old world charm and heritage. Its regal architecture, magnificent palaces and vivid bazaars have conserved the bygone Rajputana era. From the charming Pink City – Jaipur to splendid Golden City – Jaisalmer, every city of Rajasthan has something unique to offer to its patrons.

Luxury of Rajasthan:


They say, if you truly wish to live like kings & queens, you can’t do it better than in Rajasthan. A royal destination, Rajasthan has a plethora of options of luxury travelling. From 5-star palatial hotels to an exquisite train travel in Palace of Wheels to dining with the actual Maharaj, or playing Polo in the grounds of Royal family, Rajasthan offers luxury like none other.

Cuisine of Rajasthan:


Some may say that the best way to know a land is through its cuisine and Rajasthan has on offer, some absolutely gastronomically delightful experiences. There are a plethora of food options, something for every taste. From sweet to savoury, Rajasthan has great culinary treasures for you to explore and discover. Many of these delicacies – rich in taste and authentic in flavour – which the city once prepared only for its Maharajas and Maharanis are now available to you. From staples like Kachori, Kadhi Pakora, Gatta Curry to wholesome meals like Dal Batti Churma and Laal Maas, and Ghewars sampling Rajasthani food is on every traveller’s bucket list.


Preeti Khelani


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