5 Bollywood Movies to Get Inspired From


When we listen to the word “movie”, first thing that comes to our mind is “Entertainment” and why not! Since our childhood, we have watched lovers dancing around trees, a hero fighting against 30 people, a dispensable item number and much more.

But in the last few years, there has been an incredible change in the world of cinema. Movie makers have understood the need of the hour and they are making movies that are inspiring and motivational rather than just being a source of entertainment.

We cry when we see a sad story, smile when there is a happy ending so definitely, we are bound to get inspired after watching a motivational film.

Here are 5 such movies that will surely make you believe that nothing is impossible:

  1. Black:


Black is a must watch movie based on the life of a deaf and blind girl. The movie depicted her life time struggles to become a graduate with the help of her determined teacher. The girl succeeded and completed her graduation at the age of 40.

If she can achieve this then nothing is impossible! 

  1. Chak De India:


This is the story of a former captain of the Indian men’s national field-hockey team who was blamed for the defeat of a match against Pakistan and was thrown out of the team just because he was a “Khan”.

Seven years later, to prove himself, he became the coach of the Indian national women’s hockey team, trained them to be the best and made the country proud by winning the ‘World Cup’.

He was determined and he succeeded!

  1. 3 Idiots


3 Idiots is a movie loved by almost everyone. The “3 idiots” achieved what they actually wanted by believing in themselves. It highlighted the elephant in the education system and helped millions of youngsters by telling them that everyone is unique and grades don’t define their existence.

 And if “Raju Rastogi” (Sharman Joshi) can overcome his fears then everybody can!

  1. Udaan


Udaan depicted the story of a 17 year old boy who wanted to become a writer but was never supported by his alcoholic father.

Frustrated from his life, one day he decided to leave the house along with his younger brother to fulfill his own dreams and to give a better future to his brother.

Run towards your dreams and success will follow you!

  1. Mary Kom


A true inspiration for every girl! Mary Kom is based on the story of India’s ace woman boxer.  It portrayed her journey of success, struggles, hard work and spirit to fight back. Being a mother of two did not deter her from achieving her goal of becoming a top sportsperson of the country.

Do what they think you can’t do!

These are 5 such movies that will definitely give you strength to take a step ahead to fulfill your dreams. No doubt, Indian Cinema is changing in a positive direction and we expect more such movies that will inspire us and keep our trust alive in Bollywood.

Expect the Unexpected in Bollywood!



By: Pragya Seth


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