How to become a true friend?


“A friend in need is a friend indeed” is a very old yet true saying! We all crave for one such friend who is always there for us, a friend with whom we can laugh and cry and a friend we can go crazy with. But not everyone is lucky enough to have such a companion!

A simple formula to enjoy such strong bond with someone is to become a true friend yourself. We always need to give something to get something in return. So let’s see what efforts can be done from our end to attain a lifetime companionship with someone.

  1. Be yourself


Just be the real you and everything else will fall in place. Always be honest with your friends and feel free to put forward your thoughts and beliefs.

Let them know what you genuinely feel about your bond with them. This will help your friend to understand you better and will also strengthen your friendship.

  1. Don’t hesitate to apologize


There is nothing wrong in saying a small word, “sorry”. If you have made a mistake and your friend is hurt, you must go to him/her and apologize for the same.

This will make your bond even stronger. The other person will realize that you really care for his/her feelings.

Nobody is perfect and so are you. Accept this and apologize when you are wrong at your part.


  1. Learn to forgive


If you really want your friendship to last long, you must learn to forgive.

Being apologetic for your mistakes is great but forgiving others is the skill to learn. If your friend has committed a mistake and he/she is sorry about it, then you should let it go and be happy about the fact that you have got someone for whom your presence in life really matters.

  1. Be a good listener


Don’t just hear but listen to your friend when he/she is talking to you. A conversation should never be one sided. Show your interest through your expressions and responses.

Share your thoughts but do not let your words suppress his/her voice.

This will surely take your friendship to a next level.

  1. Always be there when they struggle


Friendship is not just about late night gossips, going to a party or sharing clothes. It is much deeper than that.

It is easier to cross a bridge when someone is holding your hand. And this is exactly what your friend expects from you. You should always be there when your friend is going through a difficult phase of life. Never leave them alone to struggle but stand like a strong pillar to support them.

These are the few things to keep in mind to experience the most beautiful relationship in this world that is “Friendship”. So get up and go to your friends to let them know how special they are!!



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